Logging in

Your MI-contact, boss, leader, manager, colleague, neighbor, friend, and/or family member will give you your credentials to log into the system. You can access Media Injection at https://www.miconnect.eu

We're all humans and we tend to forget information such as passwords sometimes. In that case, you can reset your password yourself by clicking 'Lost password?' in the login screen. Your account will be blocked when entering the wrong credentials three times. Harsh right?

When resetting your password, fill in your username and email address. You will receive an email with a link. Click the link and reset your password. Please note that this link expires in twenty minutes.

Your admin has access to the users part of the system too, so if you forgot your password and/or username you can contact them as well. 


Once logged in, your session will remain active for one hour without activity. After this time, you will be signed off. After closing your browser without signing off, your session will remain accessible for 24 hours.

Actively signing off is done by selecting the account settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear giving you the possibility to change your account preferences and to sign off.


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