Manage billing details & payment methods

Before you can add money to your wallets to start advertising or to upgrade to a paid subscription you need to fill in your billing details and add a payment method.

Simply go to the Billing Details in the Budget Manager to start the process.

Billing Details

In your billing details you can choose between a business or personal account. Once you've chosen either Personal or Business and saved your details, you can't change the account type anymore. Please note that depending on your country you can be subject to VAT charges depending on which option you choose. 

Click "Save Details" to save your information. You can always come back later to update your information.

Add a Payment Method

On the right hand side of your screen you'll find the payment method. Here you can add a valid payment method. The payment method will be stored securely by our payment partner Stripe for future use. We will not store any of the payment details ourselves.

When upgrading subscriptions or adding money to your wallet, this payment will be used and charged. While charging your card, the system could ask for a second verification to make sure the owner of the card authorises the payment. If for some reason the card is rejected, you can try a different card or payment method. You can read more about failed payments here.

You're now ready to add money to your wallet! If you need help, we've written an article on how to add money to your wallet right here. You can also contact support via chat to help you out!