Message types

In the message composer you can create different message types. Since each channel has its own options we don't want to make this article to long so below you'll find the most used types. If you want to know more about the other message types you can contact us!


- Status update 

If you're just posting a text than this one is for you! Here you also have the option to make a post with a link preview. 


- Picture post

If you want to publish a post with a picture you can choose for a picture post. Simply click on the + and choose a picture from your media library or upload a new one. You can also choose to upload a picture to an existing album on Facebook. 


- Video post

On Facebook and YouTube, of course, you can post videos. To post these from Media Injection choose a video post. You can click plus and choose one from your media library or upload one. If you want to post an url (like Vimeo or YouTube) click on the drop-down menu and choose for links. You can also choose the still for your video. That way if the video isn't playing you can choose a customized still your followers will see. Don't want to add this? No worries, just upload your video without choosing a still.


- Carousel

With a carousel you can post multiple pictures with urls. 


- Multi picture post

With a multi picture post you can post more than 1 picture directly on your timeline.