Migrating Campaigns

To migrate your campaign, go to a published campaign, then press the cogwheel and choose Migrate. This will basically create a draft copy of your campaign, exactly like when you copy it, but the copy will be in the brand you select. If your campaign hasn't been published yet, you can do this by pausing the campaign.

First you'll need to select which campaigns details you want to migrate. 

Then, you need to choose which audiences you're going to replace with a new one from the targeted brand.

Next, you'll be directed to the ads step. Nothing will be changed there, and then you'll be led to the final step.

Please, bear in mind that all of the content of the campaign has been copied or migrated into the new campaign, once you finalise the migration the campaign will be in draft state. Before you start publishing the campaign again, please check if the audiences and creatives are as expected.