Overall dashboard

As said in the section overview, the overall dashboard isn't accessible automatically. This is a dashboard we have to activate for you. The overall dashboard shows you all the information you need from all your brands. This feature is perfect for big brands that have several freestanding brands that are part of the company as well. The 'Overall dashboard' has four sections:

  1. Filters
  2. Content
  3. Demographics
  4. Networks



The 'Overall dashboard' shows all themes, social networks, and brands over the selected period. The 'Filters' section is closed when you open the dashboard and can be opened by clicking the three bars in the right side of the bar. You can choose to disable any of the themes, social networks or brands by clicking the checkmark behind the part you want to disable. For the period you can either choose to show the last week, last month, last year or select a custom period. Lastly, don't forget to click 'Apply filters' before closing the filters. Otherwise, nothing will happen. 

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The 'Content' section consists of 10 widgets plus some extra filters. In this section, you're able to see how your content has been doing in the selected period. First of all, you can choose on what base the content is ordered. Just like the dashboard filters, you can open the content filters by clicking the three bars in the right side of the content bar. You can choose to set the order of the content based on clicks, comments, likes, media value, and shares. 

Below the filters, you'll see six widgets showing you the best hour to publish, the best day to publish, the total number of posts, the total reach, the view rate, and the money earned per active fan. 

Below these widgets, you'll find the best posts on the left (max. 10), the number 1 best and number 1 worst post with engagement funnel in the middle, and worst posts on the right (max. 10). The engagement funnel is explained in this article.



The next section is 'Demographics'. For this section, there are no extra filters available. The 'Demographics' section contains four widgets concerning your fans. The first one is called "Active subscribers". This widget shows you your number of fans (of all selected channels) and how many of those fans have actually been active in the selected period in a graph. Next to this widget, you can also see these two in a number. 

Below this widget, you can see two widgets. One is showing the top 10 performers and the second one is showing the top ten influencers. The performance is based on how well the fan is doing on its channel and the influence is based on the number of followers the fan has. The 'Previous' column shows the performance/influence index of the previous period. 



The last section is the 'Networks' section. 'Networks' doesn't have seperate filters either. This widget one compares all the selected networks with each other, where possible. The different networks don't have the same activities. If that's the case, the number will be zero (or it's zero because there haven't been any activities in this period). 


Let us know if you're interested in the overall dashboard via support@mediainjection.com


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