Page Fans as an audience

There are two different ways of including your Page Fans in a campaign as audiences. If you want a precise and/or detailed target group you can follow the article Including and excluding audiences. This way, you're targeting just a part of your Page Fans (e.g. just the fathers of 35 years and older that like your page). 

Do note, if you also want to target to fathers of 35 years and older outside your Page Fans separately, you need to make a new audience for that. Don't forget to exclude Page Fans in this one; otherwise, the two audiences will overlap.

If you want to target to all your Page Fans, you can create this audience as follows: create a new audience as you would do in the article mentioned above, but make an audience that includes all your Page Fans instead. For example, if all your Page Fans are living in the Netherlands, create a new audience with the Netherlands as a location, include Page Fans in this audience. In this way you'll be targeting all your Page Fans.