Placement Asset Customisation (PAC)

What is PAC?

Placement Asset Customisation is a tool that will allow you to simplify your campaign, ad set, and creative creation. What is it about? Firstly, with PAC, you'll be able to use different images/videos depending on which placement your ad is being viewed on. Secondly, in the past, The Next Ad required you to create different ad sets when you wanted to include stories and non-stories placements. With PAC, this isn't necessary anymore; now you're free to seamlessly combine stories and non-stories together. Furthermore, ad creation will be far easier now; where you needed to use different ads/photos/videos depending on your placement, you now just put them all together in one!

How does it work?

If you've got a Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Conversion, App Installs, or Video Views campaign, PAC is definitely a tool to take into consideration when building link, photo or video ads. To start using PAC, you need to follow these steps.

(1) Go to campaign creation. When you go to ad set level and to the sub-tab Placements, you'll come across the Select all placements that support asset customisation option. With this button, you'll make sure you only include placements that will allow you to include several assets inside one single creative.

(2) Choose to create a link, photo, or video ad. Fill in the details and, when you reach the Add an image step, you'll have two options: Upload images, or Browse library. Select the first asset you wish to use.

(3) Now you'll see the section Customise certain placementjust below the selected image. If you click on Use a different image for certain placements you'll see a menu with all the available placements.

For example, let's say you choose Facebook feed. Now the asset you've selected will be used for this specific placement. If you want to add stories, for instance, you just need to choose Facebook stories. The media library will open, and you'll be able to search for the new asset (probably one you've already cropped and customised specifically for stories). The new asset will be shown on the list, where you'll be able to change it, or simply see an overview of what assets you've selected so far. 

We've seen that, instead of having three different creatives with three different assets, we've now got only one creative with several assets. Easy, isn't it? Now you can do it yourself.

Please note: Placement Asset Customisation is not available for Stories carousel, so you still need to separate that placement from others in different ad sets when using it.