Publishing errors

To find out what went wrong while sending a post, you can go to the content calendar and hover over the message with an error. Click the 'Publication log' button to see the log of this post. 


When your publication received an error the log will, in most cases, show you why it did. Some channels give clear reasons for the error. E.g. Twitter will tell you when you've exceeded the maximum number of characters.

However, some channels give less clear reasons for the error. Facebook for example sometimes gives codes why an error is given. The following errors are the most common ones:


Call count or rate limited



The error with the call count (total CPU time and total time) or page request limit reached is given when the Facebook page is rate limited. What is that, you ask? A Facebook page gets rate limited when there's no engagement on the page, but the page does publish posts.  This way Facebook wants to prevent pages to just send out messages into the world, without getting any engagement. If you have a test page or if your page doesn't receive any engagement, make sure you, your colleagues and/or your clients engage with the page every now and then.


Code 400 or internal service error

Code 400 or ann internal service error happens when a picture you're using is too large. You can check your picture sizes in your media library. We recommend to use these picture sizes:

  • Facebook: 720px, 960px or 2048px wide
  • LinkedIn: 80 x 150px with a maximum size of 2MB.
  • Twitter: Resizes pictures for you. 
  • Instagram: maximum size of 4MB


State off

If you see this it means the channel was originally in the project but has been removed from the brand. If the channel should be in this project just re-add it in your brand. When you remove a channel from your brand we always recommend to create a new project. That way your environment stays clean and of course you don't see this error anymore. 


Code:201 - Internal error


This means your Instagram channel isn't authorized correctly to publish. You have to re-add the channel and choose the option 'Instagram Pages'.


If it concerns a problem beyond your control or it's an error that's not in this list yet, please contact