Quick search and full search

With search profiles you're able to manage your social- and online searches. We have two kinds of search profiles: full searches and quick searches. 

With quick searches you can search for keywords on Twitter. The quick search used to be a bit more extensive, but due to privacy regulations it's now limited to Twitter. The results from your quick searches are displayed in the '' stream. There's a maximum of ten active quick searches at once.

With the quick search you can enter any kind of keyword you would like to search, so this includes hashtags #yay. 

Do note that it takes about an hour for the search to be fully loaded after creating it. 


The full search is a more extensive search than the quick search. The full search searches on both social networks as non-social pages. These are pages like blogs, newspaper websites, and forums. You can add up to ten full searches, but only three of them can be activated at the same time. This is because of the broad scope of the search and the large amount of processing power required. Results of the full searches will be shown in both the 'social results' stream as the '' stream. 

"But what does that full search actually do?" - Good question. The full search looks for possible hits in our online database. This database is fed with RSS feeds. We've collected many RSS feeds over the years, but more have been created as well. So it's possible that a certain source is missing. If you miss an online search, please let us know and we will add the RSS feed if it's available. 

Do note that it takes a while to load the online results just like it does with the quick searches. However, it takes about 24 hours to fully load a full search.