Refreshing the token

The token is basically the connection between Facebook and The Next Ad. If that connection is lost—due to a sudden change in your account (such as a change of password)—then the token needs to be refreshed. 

Reasons why you might need to refresh the token:

  • You can't see any statistics in your campaigns.
  • You see the Facebook could not process the action message.
  • You don't see any pixel results in your campaigns.
  • Your audiences have been stuck on Populating for too long.
  • You get any error that suggests you refresh it.

To refresh the token, go to Control panel and then click on Ad accounts.


Once you're there, you'll see an overview of all your ad accounts. Choose the correct one and click on the three dots on the right, or just click on its name.

Now the details of your ad account will be shown. At the bottom, you'll see a Refresh token button. Click on it to refresh your ad account.

Usually, if your ad account needs to be refreshed, it will show the yellow message Action required. Otherwise, it will display the message No action required.

If you've refreshed your token and still don't see any changes, then it might be that you haven't accepted the Facebook Terms of Service. Click on the See more button next to Empty account feedback and it will lead you to the page where you'll be able to accept them.