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Reports: evaluating your campaign's results

Using Google Search Autopilot you can evaluate your performance after publishing your campaigns. You have 2 dashboards to your disposal:

  1. Published campaigns dashboard
  2. Keyword performance dashboard

Please note that Google Ads generally updates statistics with a 24 hour delay. Most of the times this is faster, but it's something to keep in mind while evaluating your performance.

Published Campaigns dashboard

In the published campaigns dashboard you can view the progress of your published campaigns. You can filter your campaigns by name, status and date.

If you've just published a new campaign, it could be that your campaign is not immediately showing results. Possible reasons for campaigns not showing any results or spend, are explained in this article.

Besides viewing your results you can also edit, pause or delete your campaigns from here. 

Keyword performance dashboard

To view how your individual keywords are performing you can view the Keyword Performance dashboard. You can use the information shown here to evaluate wether you should optimize your keywords, add or remove them, or even add a manual bid to increase performance.

If you're wondering how many keywords you should set, or what you can do more, check out this article.

Note to expert mode users: if you've enabled "Display Network" in your campaign then the keyword performance dashboard will only display the result and performance of your keywords in the Google Search network. Total performance of Search + Display will still be visible in your published campaigns dashboard. Please check out this article for more information on this topic.