Setting up my Business Manager, Ad Account and Facebook pages for use on The Next Ad

First of all, link your Ad Account that belongs to your brand to your Business Manager (or create a new Ad Account within your Business Manager). On this page you'll find a step by step tutorial on how to link your Ad Account to your Business Manager. To claim an Ad Account in your Business Manager, go to your Business Manager settings and to the Ad Accounts. In the upper right corner you'll be able to add a new Ad Account. Be aware that advertising on Instagram is only possible when the Ad Account that you will connect to your Instagram has been claimed or created on your Business Manager

You don't have a Business Manager? Check out this article!

Next, it's important to claim the Facebook page that belongs to this brand. To do this, please follow the steps on .

After this you can edit your brand within The Next Ad and select the correct Ad Account and Facebook page. You can find a step by step explanation on this page. Make sure that you've got enough rights to use this Ad Account. Last but not least, out of security reasons you cannot change the Ad Account once it's been linked to a brand in The Next Ad, so please pay attention. 

Voila, you've set your pages up correctly!