Split Testing

Split testing is basically an A / B test that you run when you want to try out what works best in your campaign. 

You can test on audiences, ads, placement and delivery optimisation. 

Some examples that illustrate the possibilities of split testing are the following:

When testing audiences, you can test:

  • Women aged 20-29 vs women aged 30-39;
  • People living in Amsterdam vs people living in Paris.

When testing placements, you can test:

  • Automatic placements vs custom placements;
  • Mobile vs desktop placements.

When testing ads, you can test:

  • Ads with a simple image;
  • Ads with a video.

When testing delivery, you can test:

  • Optimising for app installs or impressions;
  • Optimising for conversions with a 1 day attribution window.