Starting a new project

You can add new projects by clicking on the 'Create new project' button in the top right corner of the Project popup screen. 


To create a new project, follow these steps:

  1. Give the project a name. The name is just for internal use and won't be seen outside of the system. 
  2. Select the channels you want to add to the project. All channels are automatically selected. Just move out all the channels you don't want to use in this project. As long as you haven't published anything in the project yet, you're still able to delete or add channels to the project. Once the first post is published this won't be possible anymore.
  3. Set a timing. Do note that when a project has ended, it isn't possible to re-open or move the end date of the project anymore. Either set a reminder for yourself or set the end date far in the future. 
  4. Choose whether targeting and gating are required. By enabling this nobody will be able to publish posts without adding targeting and gating. 
  5. Select a color. By selecting a color the content calendar will be a beautiful rainbow. Oh, and it's easy to distinguish the different projects.
  6. Choose the roles of the users (users have to be in a user group to do this). Just check the box for if they can schedule drafts, plan posts, edit posts, edit attachments, edit targeting and confirm publications to get published. If you want to change a role in the future you can always edit them in your project. Don't see the user you want to add? Then check if they are in a user group. If not, create one for them by following these steps.
  7. Choose if you want to enable URL customization. When you select this option, you have to fill in the requested information. Once that is done, we will automatically add the URL string to every link you send through MI. If you need help with this, ask your admin or send an email to
  8. Of course, don't forget to save the project. You can either save the project and go do other stuff in MI or save the project and start composing messages right away!


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