Statistics dashboard

The 'Statistics dashboard' offers a big variety of widgets and filters. This way, you can get a fully customized dashboard with all the information you need in your brand. Because of the many options, we advise you to get in touch with us setting up the perfect dashboard for your company. Just send an email to with the information you would like to see. 

Above you see the standard statistics dashboard. When you log in for the first time these will be the widgets you'll see. We picked out the most used widgets so you can use the statistics right away. If you want to edit a widget simply click the gear wheel button or add an entirely new desktop in which you can start from scratch.

When adding a new widget or editing an existing widget, select 'Statistics' under widget type. Next, you have to choose a category. Behind the category name, you'll see an information button. Hovering over this button will show a brief explanation of the category. Within the statistics categories, you also have to choose a subtype. Same as with the categories you can find a brief explanation of the subtype by hovering over the 'information' button. 

After adding the widget you can apply filters to finish the widget. 


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