Task dashboard

By clicking on a task you'll be sent to the task's dashboard. The task dashboard is the place where you answer The widgets in the task dashboard are special task widgets. We advise keeping the widgets that are in the task dashboard. However, you can, of course, change the order and/or size of the widgets. 

The widget in the upper left is a small version of the task list. Via this widget, you can easily switch between tasks. Next to the task list, you'll find the 'Task description' widget. This widget shows the start date of the task, who it was assigned to, who it was assigned by and the original message. Below the original message, you can see and/or change the status and/or priority of the message. Lastly, you can also reassign or close the ticket. Reassigning a task can only be done by an admin. So if you want to reassign a task to yourself or someone else ask your admin to do this. On the right side of the task description, you can find a small version of the fan's profile. 


Below the task list, you'll find the 'Task Run Time' widget. This widget shows the average run time for the tasks assigned to this user. The 'Task Resolution Rate' widget shows the percentage of tasks resolved by the user.  

Right in the middle, we show the entire conversation with the user. This widget contains all message from and to the user. 

Last, you can add internal notes in the task log for yourself or your colleagues. 

Remember that when a task is assigned to you, both the message and the fan are blocked for other users. They won't be able to answer to or engage with any message from this fan. Once you close the task, the original message will still be blocked, but other messages will be open again.