Task list screen

 The task list can be opened through the tasks menu and shows all the tasks that are assigned within the specific brand. 

The list shows all the tasks that were assigned, closed as well as open tasks. From left to right, the menu shows the fan who's the owner of the message, state of the task (open/closed), Priority given for the task, person that it is assigned to, whether that user is online, and the date that the task is created. The button on the right side of the task will bring you to the task overview of that specific task.

Furthermore, on the top right corner is a down arrow as indicated on the picture above. This button indicates the Filters menu in which you can apply filters to the task list.

There are two ways in which you can filter the tasks list; on Priority and on State of the task, this way you can check which urgent tasks are still not finished for example.


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