The Next Ad says I should be granted permissions even though I am an admin

Currently, we're encountering a Facebook API bug that will sometimes warn you that you don't possess enough rights to access your Facebook pages. Therefore, if you're building your campaign and you're trying to access your Facebook page posts, you might come across this error:

Of course, there is a solution for this. To re-enable yourself to promote posts on The Next Ad you need to go to Facebook, access your personal account and go to the settings.

Now that you have accessed your settings, go to Business integration and remove The Next Ad, without clicking on the book offering to erase all posts created via The Next Ad.

Finally, you need to refresh the token on The Next Ad. To refresh the token you need to open The Next Ad and go to the Control panel > Ad accounts > Open the corresponding ad account by clicking on the name > Refresh token

If you need more assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via the chat or by sending an email to