The project dashboard

Once you've created your projects you'll have access to the project dashboard. You can access the project dashboard by hovering over the project's name and click on the arrow. 


Once you're in the project dashboard you'll find four buttons in the top of the screen as shown above. These are 'Queue (#)', 'Compose new message', 'Edit' and the clock button. The queue button sends you to the content calendar with all previous posts, planned posts and drafts of the selected project. The second button lets you compose a new message. The 'Edit' button lets you edit a project. Last but not least, when you click the clock button the start- and end date of the project will be shown. 

When you open the project dashboard for the first time, the dashboard will be empty. This is because you haven't published anything from the project yet. So start publishing and fill up that dashboard! The project dashboards are all the same. So if you change a widget or delete a widget in one project, it will be changed/deleted in every project. After publishing some posts the dashboard will look like this:

As explained in the article "Changing desktops" you can add new/extra desktops in the top right corner of the screen. If you need more information about the statistics in the project dashboard or just need help setting up the perfect dashboard for your company, just let us know via


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