The project popup menu

When you click on the 'Projects' button in the menu the popup menu for the projects will open. From this menu, you have access to active projects and old projects, but you can also create a project, compose a new message, open the content calendar, and edit, copy or delete a project. 



In the top right corner of the popup screen, you're able to switch between active-, draft-, and old projects (screenshot below). Whenever a project finishes it will automatically move to old projects. Old projects can't be re-opened, so always be sure you keep an eye on the end dates of your projects. 

The project list shows up to 20 projects on one page. If you have more than 20 projects you can simply find the >20 on the next page(s) by clicking on this button:


When you hover over an existing project five icons will appear (see screenshot below).

  1. The paper plane icon a.k.a. the 'Compose new message' button lets you quickly compose a message for this project.
  2. The agenda icon a.k.a. the 'Content calendar' button brings you to the content calendar for this project, instead of the content calendar with all projects.
  3. The file icon a.k.a. the 'Edit' button lets you edit the project. 
  4. The circled arrows a.k.a the 'Copy' button, lets you copy the project.
  5. The trash bin icon a.k.a. the 'Delete' button will delete the project. We always advise keeping projects when they're done. Once deleted the project can't be retrieved. 
  6. The arrow a.k.a. the button with no name brings you to the project dashboard



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