Things that are (not) synchronised between the Business Manager and The Next Ad

If you make changes in your campaign on the Ads Manager, please pay attention to the following:

1. Campaigns: Campaigns that are running will be synced on . . .

  • Campaign status: tasks from Facebook "effective_status"
  • Spend cap: tasks from Facebook "spend_cap"

2. Ad Sets: Only those that are on The Next Ad (ad sets added on the Ads Manager will not be synced).

  • Status: tasks from Facebook "effective_status" and "configured_status"
  • Start and end time
  • Budget: tasks from Facebook "budget" (daily or lifetime budget depending on the settings)

3. Ads (aka Ad Groups):

  • Status: tasks from Facebook "effective_status"
  • The status of a campaign will always be synced
  • New ads added on the Ads Manager will not be synced.

4. At the end of synchronisation:

  • Campaign budget: set to the sum of all ad set budgets
  • Campaign start and end time
  • Campaign status will be set to FINISHED if all dates are in the past.

Furthermore, we do not sync changes in names. Therefore, we do not sync:

  • Campaign names
  • Ad set names
  • Ad names
  • Pixel names

TNA tip: Using only one tool will improve your workflow. If you miss something on The Next Ad and you need to adjust it on the Ads Manager, please let us know through our support. You can reach the chat in the bottom-right corner on The Next Ad, or you can send an email to