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Things that will stop the Ad Fatigue Optimisation

The question we often get asked is whether turning an ad on or off manually will overrule the Ad Fatigue Optimisation. The answer for this is no; if you turn on an ad manually, it will be paused again after 30 minutes. 

If you want your ad not to be taken into account by the Ad Fatigue Optimisation, you can always exclude it from the optimisation. 

However, there are two things that will prevent the AFO from working in your running campaigns.

  1. Activating manually an ad that hasn't run before. When adding new ads to a running campaign, they appear as paused. It can be tempting to turn them on manually, but do not do it; otherwise, the AFO will stop working. If you do so, you must pause the ads manually and the AFO will work again.
  2. Having more active ads than the number that has been set up in the How many ads do you want active at the same time option. If this happens, AFO will stop working. The solution for this is either increasing the maximum number of active ads in the AFO or manually pause some ads.