URL tags

By setting up URL tags you'll be able to track and measure results of your ads. You can use URL parameters to identify where your ad traffic is coming from and which ads helped drive a conversion. UTM tags are a type of URL tags that lets you measure results in Google Analytics.

You find URL tags at ad set level, under the Advanced tab. You can use the tag builder to create your own URL tags.

If you want to change the URL tags at ad level, you can find the tag builder under Advanced in your ad settings.

The tag builder can cope with any type of tag, either UTM or any other type of click tag in use. In technical words, you can any key with any tag value.

Most of our users only use UTM URL tags. UTM tags are nothing more than a standardised set of keys that are compatible with Google Analytics.

If your click tracking software requires you to use a different key, just fill the key into the field called key and the value in the field called val. You can even combine several types of URL tags and The Next Ad will send the properly to Facebook to be used in your campaigns.