User dashboard

When you click on the user you want to view, you’ll be sent to the user dashboard. In the top right corner, you’ll find a brief user profile. The information in this widget is directly taken from the channel. By clicking ‘edit’ you can edit the existing information or add additional information such as phone number and email address.

Next to the user profile, is the ‘User stats’ widget. This widget shows the user’s stats on the social media channel. The information shown depends on the channel and the user’s privacy settings. For instance, Facebook doesn’t show the number of connections. By clicking the channel icon, the user’s profile will be opened on the channel in question in a new window. 

In the left bottom corner, we’re showing all the messages sent by the user. If you want to see the replies to a certain message, just click the number next to the comment balloon and you’ll see the replies on the message (if there are any).

The user notes are internal notes that will only be visible in Media Injection. Internal notes added from the main dashboard will also be shown in the user profile.