You can create new users or edit existing users in the users dashboard. 

To add a new user click, surprise surprise, the 'New User' button on top of the users list. 

In the next screen, you can fill in all the needed information. Last name, signature, e-mail, username and (repeat) password are all required fields. The signature lets you see who has replied to fans' messages. The signature isn't shown in the reply itself like some companies use it (for example: [message] ^BV). The signature is only visible in Media Injection. 


We have two types of users: normal users or administrators. Admins have access to every brand and parts of Media Injection and can't be limited in their use. Normal users can be restricted in brands and their use of the system. For normal users, it's important to add them to a brand and give them privileges. Otherwise, they will get a blank screen. 

Different users may fulfill different roles within a team. That's why it's not always necessary to give everyone access to the entire system. For example, if you have interns and you want to check their publications before publishing them to a channel you can restrict them to only publish publications in draft. We gladly help you with finding the right classification rights within your particular organization or workflow. Just get in touch with your account manager or contact


Edit user

You can edit the user settings by clicking the 'pencil' button behind the username. Do note, that it's not possible to change a username after adding the user. Here you can reset a password.


Delete user

You can also delete a user by clicking on the 'trashbin' button. Don't delete a user because they have a login issue. Because you can't reuse the same username. If someone has trouble login and changing the password didn't solve it, contact our


Log in to a user account

In general, you shouldn't have to use this option (because you can share your desktops easily) but using the 'arrow' button you can log in to someone's account. This might be to check the settings in their filters. However, log in like this is a security risk so we always recommend sharing the desktop again so that they can replace it. 


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