What are mandatory fields in importing my product feed?

In this article we will explain what the mandatory fields are for importing your product feed.

Why are some product specifications mandatory?

In order to be able to advertise your products on Google, you will need to provide the basic product specifications that help to match your products to the right type of queries. Some of these specifications match the basic specs needed to upload a product to your shop, but there are a few extra specifications needed to be able to advertise with Shopping ads.

What are the mandatory fields that need to be filled in?

Below you will find a list with specifications that need to be filled in in order to make your products eligible for Shopping ads.  For a full in-depth list, you can visit this link. The product data specifications are being categorised by:

  • Basic product data; such as id, title and description
  • Price & availability; such as availability, expiration date and price
  • Product category; such as google product category and product type
  • Product identifiers; such as brand, gtin and MPN
  • Detailed product description; such ad condition, adult and size
  • Shopping campaigns and other configurations; such as ads redirect and promotion id
  • Destinations; such as included and excluded destinations
  • Shipping; such as shipping label and weight
  • Tax; such as tax and its category

Required basic product data:


Required price & availability:

Availability_date (pre-order or backorder only)  

Required product Identifiers:

Brand For all new products, exceptions include movies, books and musical recording
Gtin For all new products with a Gtin assigned by the manufacturer
Mpn Required if your new product does nu have a manufacturer GTIN

Required detailed product description:

Condition Required only if your product is used or refurbished
Adult Product contains adult content
Multipack If the product is part of a multipack
Is_bundle If product is a group of different products
Age_group (apparel products or assigned age groups only) Audience for which your product is intended
Color (apparel products or if product is available in different colors only) Colors of your product
Gender (apparel products and gender specific products only) Gender for which your product is intended
Material (if relevant to distinguish variances of offered products)  Material or fabric from which the product is made
Patterns (if relevant to distinguish variances of offered products) Pattern of your product
Size (apparel products or if product is available in different sizes) Size of your product

Required shipping:

Shipping Required for product countries of sale in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. Product shipping costs

Required tax:

Tax (US only) Product's sales tax rate

Visit this link to go through the full list of product data specifications and their details.

Acquiring assistance? 

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