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What are the different keyword types?

Google uses different keyword types, this article will explain the differences

When creating Google Search campaigns you need to fill in certain keywords. This is no different on our platform, and thus for every campaign you need to have at least one keyword. When choosing the keywords there are 3 different types to choose from: Exact, Broad, and Phrase. This article will further explain each match type and best usage for each case

Exact keyword match type

Exact match keywords are a type which basically means the exact keyword terms. Besides the exact term, close variations with the same meaning are also included as users might make spelling mistakes for example. An example would be guys shoes, in this case male shoes or shoes for guys would still be included.

This match type is the most strict and only shows the ad to users that really match your keywords closely. Thus this match type is best suited to reaching customers that are interested in your product and are targeting something very specific. For example, if you sell one specific product you do not want to reach people that want to have something different as you cannot help them with your service

Broad keyword match type

The broad keyword match type matches with the keywords, close variations of the keyword, related searches, and other relevant variations. This also means that the keyword does not have to be what the user searched for exactly. 

Best case is if you try to reach potential clients and want to target a wide range of people. Because of the broad match, you will target people that were not exactly looking for your services but might still be interested. There is also a cautionary side to this, if you are trying to reach very specific people this is not a keyword for you as the targeting will be much wider 

Phrase keyword match type

The Phrase keyword match type is a type which is located between Exact & broad in terms of flexibility. The type matches the phrase (or close variations) with additional words before or after the keywords. Thus, if someone would look for blue male shoes while the keyword is male shoes, they would show up while they would not show up for the exact keyword type.

The Phrase keyword match type is perfect if you do want to have some more targeting than just broad but do not want to limit yourself too much and thus target less clients.


All in all, these match types all have their use for your company and we definitely recommend using them and testing to see what works best for you. Best use case is often a combination of different keywords where you have ads that are tailored to these keywords as well. For example, if you are using exact targeting, you can show more tailored ads to the ones searching, but if you are using broad, you want your ads to be broader as well.

Following this, if you are ever wondering what works best for you feel free to ask any questions on our in-platform chat! We would love to help you out with whatever questions you might have.