What happens when I schedule my post through the external queue?

When you schedule a post on Facebook, the post can either go through the external or the 'normal' queue. Posting through the external queue has several advantages, especially for agencies. If you have a client who does not have access to Media Injection and they wish to check the publication, then the external queue will allow them to see the publication process. Furthermore, posting through the external queue enables you to boost the post and turn it into an ad. To choose to send the post through the Facebook queue, tick the box below the message box.

However, there are some restrictions on posting through the external queue. If you schedule a post for the next two hours, the system will send the post through the normal queue, for Facebook only publishes posts after these two hours. For example, if it's 13:00 and you schedule a post for 14:30, then the system will automatically switch it into a 'normal' post.