What is Media Injection?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Media Injection! Media Injection, also referred to as MI, is a social media management platform capable of managing and analyzing social media data. Organizations can use these data analyses to see what effect their marketing campaigns have had and enhance its effects by providing the tool for direct and structured customer contact.

Media Injection makes it possible for users to make and publish posts on many different social media, including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, the platform can also be used as a way to engage with your customers. MI allows you to interact with customers and respond to their messages such as WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Following that, all data created by publishing and engaging can be utilised to create clear and meaningfull data as well. 

Media Injection is organized in a specific way, making the platform as user-friendly and accessible as possible. As a user, you can get to know the platform by reading through the sections about the 11 dashboards Media Injection offers. These dashboards are accessible on the left of your screen and contain all features of the platform. Learn more about the dashboard menu here. The dashboards' functions are explained in their respective sections.

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