What's new in Assets Scheduler v1.4

Version 1.4 brings one-time events, multi-assets drag & drop features and new event icons

One-time Events

With one-time events you can create an event that is only for asset activation or for asset pause. These are useful for events that span through the month (or several months) and you don't want to have a cluttered calendar with lines that span through it.

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Multi-Assets drag & drop

You can now add into the calendar several assets in one go!

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New event icons

In order to better distinguish events having activation, pause or both we have included icons that represent each of those actions.v1.4_new_icons

Other improvements

  • Added smooth transitions between page changes and elements in the asset list and calendar
  • Cleanup and better design organization in the asset list
  • Several small improvements in the interface and in the back-end GraphQL API