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Where can I find the progress of the product import?

In this article, we explain where you can find the progress of the product import and what you need to know.

What products are being imported?

After your shop has been connected to Shopping Autopilot we will need to import the products from your shop to the app in order for you to get started creating your very first campaign. All products that are available in the shop you want to add will be imported to the app and validated.

My product import is with error, what should I do?

When the products of your shop are being imported to the app we are validating them to check if they contain all the necessary information in order to be eligible to run as advertisement. If there is something missing, it will come up as an error.

We will always show the reason why your product is with an error and provide more information on what this means and how you can solve it. You can check the status of your products at any time via the "Product Status" tab in the left navigation bar.  Once you made the necessary adjustments you can select the refresh button in the top right corner of the page to rescan your products.

Acquiring assistance? 

In case of any questions or need of assistance, get in touch with our support team by email or by launching a chat conversation on the Shopping Autopilot platform itself