Why can't I modify the content shown with a link?

Facebook has changed their API to put a stop the spread of misinformation and false news. Because of this change, you can't choose a title, description or photo with the link in your post. Facebook (and we) understand that you're not sending out false news and they are looking for a solution. As soon as we know more we'll let you know.

Great that Facebook wants to put a stop to this but what does it mean for you? It means that Facebook automatically generates a photo, title and description with the link you're posting and you can't customize this content. Like the two pictures below. In the first picture, you see how we planned the post and next to it is how the post got published on Facebook. As you can see the title and description are different and in our case the picture shows some of our customers, whom we love, but not the picture we wanted to post.




So how can you prevent this from happening to your posts? Facebook lets you keep control over how links appear with your post. But it takes a bit more time.

First of all, we recommend that you check which information Facebook will post with your link. You can do this here. Just type or copy/paste your link in there and click "debug". Look for the text "link preview" and there you'll see an example of how your link will be shown on your page. If that information is okey then you can post it without any worries from Media Injection as you're used to. 

If the link preview doesn't show the information you want you can edit this. Now, this is a bit technical and requires some knowledge about your website. Because you need to change something that is called a meta tag on your website. The meta tags are the information that Facebook recognizes and creates the information shown with your link. If you have technical support available that knows your website we recommend asking them for help and you can also ask us for more information by mailing support@mediainjection.com. Now you have to change the meta tags so that you can show the information you want with your link. You can find the information you need to change a meta tag here. After you've changed it you can check your link again and if it shows the correct information schedule your post in Media Injection.

We've done this to our link and below you can see the result! 

Want to know more about this change from Facebook? Read everything about it here. Of course, we'll also let you know as soon as the solution Facebook makes is available in Media Injection. If you have any questions about this send us an e-mail: support@mediainjection.com