Widgets and filters

A big part of your screen is filled with different information windows called 'streams' or 'widgets'. Every widget has a specific function. The filters in the top right corner of the widget (the downward arrow) can help you find the exact publications you're looking for. The filters depend on the dashboard you have opened and the kind of widget you want to use the filter on. All filters are quite straightforward, giving you the possibility to filter certain sorts of channels, choose a date range and much more. 

The first icon (two bent arrows in the shape of a circle) is the 'reload' button. The widgets do automatically refresh, but a bad internet connection may disturb this. With this button, you can manually reload the stream so you're always sure the stream is up to date. 

The second icon is the 'edit widget' button. Here you can edit your widget type, reload your stream or delete the widget to make room for a different one or a widget of another size (depending on your desktop preferences, you will have more or less room for widgets).


If any of the filters are unclear or you want more information about the different filters, please contact support@mediainjection.com.


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